Electric Light History - Development of Electric Lighting Technology

Lightning in urban conditions presents a specific problem. In every era, that problem was solved in different ways, depending of the current technology and influx of inspirations. Find out more about electric light history.

Old Electric Bulb

History of Electric Lamps and Lighting

In the 19th century, humanity already had artificial lightning but it had its flaws, from simple storage and transport of fuels to more serious dangers of fire, suffocations and explosions. Luckily, a new kind of energy was about to appear - electricity. Find out more information about history of electric lamps and lightning.

Old Flashlight

History of Flashlight

Invention of batteries was the first and the most important step in inventing portable electric devices. The first invented portable electric device was an electric lamp - flashlight. Read more about flashlight history.

Street Light

History of Street Lighting

Logical step in urbanization was a street light infrastructure. It began very primitive but developed with human technology changing the face of Earth and our lives. Read about history of street light.

Street Illumination