Light Bulb History - From Incandescent and Halogen Lamp to LED

Every safe light source in the history had some sort of protection that protected source from the outer world and the outer world from the source. For electric light source, it was a bulb. Read more about light bulb history here.

Simple Light Bulb

History of Light Bulbs

Battle for incandescent light bulb lasted long and it was fought by many but in the end it was won and even today we can pick fruit of their victory. Read about history of incandescent light bulb.

Halogen Lamp

History of Halogen Light Bulbs

At the first glance, halogen lamp does not look too differently than a standard incandescent lamp except it is smaller. But there is a difference. By a clever use of chemistry, it is made more durable, brighter and longer lasting. Read about history of halogen lamps and who invented halogen light bulb.

White Light Emitting Diodes

History of LEDs - Light Emitting Diodes

Accidental findings are sometimes equally important as deliberate ones. Such was the case with LEDS, light emitting diodes. They began as a side effect of usage of an electronic element to start a completely new branch of electronics. Read about history of light-emitting diodes.

Light Bulb Illumination