Lighting History - The Earliest Forms of Artificial Lighting

Early and portable light sources of the ancient time were made from the materials that were readily available to the men of that age. Find here more information about lightning in the bygone times.

Torch Light

History of Torches

When early humans first started using fire, they were trying to find many uses for it. One of those uses is the torch - simple and crude carrier of light and fire. But all starts are like that. Read more about history of torches.

Candle Lighting

History of Candles

Candles are invented about the same time as oil lamps but lasted longer and have wider use. Be it celebration or an emergency they are still here and probably will be for a long time. Find out more about history of candles.

Old Oil Lamp

History of Oil Lamps

Oil lamp was probably the first mass-produced object. It was simple object but necessary, it had many uses, appeared on all the sides of the world and it seriously affected human history in many ways. Find here more information about oil lamp history.

Old Gas Lamp

History of Gas Lamps

Because of the strong urbanization and spreading of cities a new problem became evident - nights became too dark with too many people around! Something had to be done. And it was done. Enter gas lamp! Read more about history of gas lighting.

Candle Light